27th January

Today turned out better than expected – we had a fair bit of sunshine from time to time, and it wasn’t nearly as cold as we were told it would be. :) We also had about 20 cms of nice fresh snow as well!! :D

While skiing down the bottom of the Combe du Thuit with my second class we spotted these idiots trying to make their way down through the rocks – that would have been fine and there is a way round the trees to the left of them – but no! they had to sideslip down the rocks on their backsides!! What morons!!

snowboarders being stupid!

Idiot number 1 just starting to sideslip – he continued right down those rocks on his bottom – ouch!

More snowboarders being stupid

Idiot number 2 apparently managed to slide down on his belly!

It should be said that there was a girl with these two who did go round and managed the descent without falling, drama or amusing watching people! Good for her!

I downloaded on the eggs at the end of teaching, and couldn’t resist taking a photo of these totally ludicrous signs where you get out! :o Firstly, you wouldn’t believe that people would just continue to sit in the eggs once you’ve arrived :o but even better is the terrible translation on the white sign that’s been there all the 22 years I have! Not even a literal translation :D I hope it amuses you.

Panneaux aux Deux Alpes

Crazy signs when you arrive at the bottom of the white eggs

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2 Responses to 27th January

  1. Easiski says:

    Yes! However we did wait around to make sure they were all right before we skied off!

  2. Simon says:

    They may be behaving like idiots, but it’s quite amusing, though.