22nd January

Another beautiful day, so as the rest of the week is likely to be fairly rubbish we nipped off to La Grave this morning for the On2OFF (piste) course. :)

View from the top of the La Grave lift

This is the view that greeted us at the top station


les skieurs en attente

And here are the guys waiting to go

We set off and the snow was quite deep powder but very tracked, and with some nasty lumps hidden under the snow! :o However we continued (you dont actually have a choice!) and we didn’t waste the photo ops either!

La Meije

Part way down with La Meije in the background

We skied down to P1 (which I hate as I get vertigo), and the last bit through the trees was quite interesting! I have skied it with a lot less snow cover though, and here are the guys emerging from the forest:

The forest in La Grave

First one out was Simon

followed by Pam

followed by Pam

emerging from the forest just above P1

And lastly Roger and Colin in the middle of another group

I was mean enough to video the group on a particularly tricky bit of mountain in a heavily tracked and slightly mogulled area. They all did very well considering this was a big new deal and the snow was not the best ever!

Later the C2C participants had their lesson in the sunshine back home at Les 2 Alpes and their video shows marked improvement:



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2 Responses to 22nd January

  1. Easiski says:

    Yes David, it’s very hard for them and one of the things we work hardest at! Of course boots are quite stiff these days, and I do find that many people who’ve skied for a long time don’t know that they can push forward through the resistence of the boot! Sad, but true. :)
    Thank you for the kind words about the blog and the videos, and sorry about your snow – we’re not having a bumper year, but it’s OK. :) I also learned on leather and long!! Hideous wasn’t it?

  2. david says:

    I love watching your videos and looking at the pictures. I’ve been skiing 50 years so it’s hard for me to remember learning. When I see your students it seems that they are all sitting back a little instead of pressing forward with their center of gravity over their boots. Is that one of the hardest things for an intermediate to learn? I learned with leather boots and long skis and I know it took me a long time to do parallel linked turns. From the western US with very little snow. David